Younited Credit Boosting their BtoB Business

Younited Credit Boosting their BtoB Business


  • Younited Credit officially launches a BtoB Business Unit called Younited Business Solutions.
  • Targets: banks, insurance groups, telcos, e-merchants and other PSPs.
  • Goal: enable these clients to feature digital financing solutions for their customers.
  • Scale: 15 people.
  • BtoB offer structured on two aspects:
    • Credit-as-a-Service: for banks, insurance groups and other industry players intending to build lending offers in a very short time, as white label offers, or not.
    • Credit-as-a-Payment: for e-merchants, telcos and PSPs looking to implement instalment options.


  • Betting on skills they acquired since 2018. Younited Credit has been working with a certain number of players for months, allowing them to rely on their white label lending infrastructure. This business unit stresses their ambition, i.e.: boosting this distribution channel.
  • To achieve this goal, they count on a credit institution licence they can make available to their customers, helping them launch lending or instalment offers within weeks.
  • Yet another differentiating point, Younited Credit is the first French FinTech connecting their customers’ bank accounts via an API, to simplify and speed up the subscription step.


  • Younited Credit already claims 5 clients for their BtoB offer
    • N26: they have been managing their lending offer since 2017.
    • ConTe: in 2018, the Italian insurance company launched a lending offer called ConTe Prestiti by Younited Credit.
    • Free: Younited has been providing 48-month financing offers for the freebox Delta launched in the end of 2018. Early in 2019, they claimed 20,000 financing applications for Free.
    • Bpifrance: this public investment bank started working with Younited in 2018 on building a white label SME lending offer. This partnership led to the recent launch of Pass Flash TPE for Breton businesses.
    • Pitagora: for this Italian bank they crafted white label lending offers addressing employees.

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