Lyf Pay, Cofidis and Victoria Featuring “3XCB”


  • Victoria (home sales of costume jewellery) recently strengthened their partnership with Lyf Pay. They now feature an instalment option, enabling customers to split their card transaction in 3 payments, with help from Cofidis Retail.
  • Customer process: 3XCB payments are conducted via the Lyf Pro app. Smartphones are used as POS checkout terminals for sellers from the Victoria network. For customers, 3 payment options are available:
    • Lyf Pay: scanning the customer’s QR code from the app
    • Card payment: customers receive a link enabling them to key in their card information
    • Cheque or cash

40% of French consumers relied on a card-based instalment option; and 70% of these customers completed their purchase when this option was featured.

Source: Cofidis survey, June 2018


  • Adding flexible payment methods to make a difference on the market for remote sales. With this instalment option, Victoria stands out on the market for door-to-door selling. The point is to attract and secure the the loyalty of new, younger customers, already relying on mobile payments.
  • Boosting their sales figures. This option is an asset for for helping them increase their sales figure. The results released for 3XCB by Cofidis encouraged Victoria to add this solution, as well.


  • Cofidis manages to convince more merchants with their instalment solution (e.g.: Speedy and Rakuten, recently). This financial institution now bets on integrating their service with Lyf Pay mobile-based POS checkout solution. More likewise agreements may be considered with other technical partners.
  • Victoria says that this launch is also a way to meet customers’ demand: they asked for payment facilities when paying for their (sometimes high amount) purchases.
  • They are choosing Lyf Pay, in line with an existing partnership between Victoria and Lyf Pro, BtoB mPOS and data analytics solution. Lyf Pay-based payments have been available for several years with this brand. Some sellers even report 15% increase in their sales figures when using Lyf Pro, since customers can pay by card.

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