Bankin’ Raises €20M, Stresses Shift to Financial Coaching

Bankin’ Raises €20M, Stresses Shift to Financial Coaching


  • The Paris-based FinTech Bankin’ just raised €20 million.

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Goldman Sachs Buys Out Clarity Money

Yet another bank/FinTech acquisition has officially been announced in the US. The investment bank Goldman Sachs –which already made their ambitions clear when it comes to also addressing BtoC segments– sees Clarity Money’s PFM tool as a means to achi...
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Credit Karma Also Adds a Chatbot

Financial institutions have become less reluctant to including smart virtual assistants. They even started to use these bots to improve customer satisfaction, especially to reach out for “Millennials”. Credit Karma –a fast-growing start-up valued at...
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Digit combines Savings and Debt Repayment

Digit’s mobile app for savings includes a new feature called “Digit Pay” allowing its users to automatically send money from a checking account to a dedicated savings fund. This money pot will apply to repaying their credit card debt. This service se...
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FinTech: Pockit Improves Customers’ Credit Score

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Zopa Open-Banking Initiative on Track

FACTS The P2P lending platform Zopa was granted a banking licence in the end of 2018. They now intend to take their strategy one step further based on Open-Banking derived possibilities: a strategy they already started looking into.
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Credit Karma Addresses Car Loans with Comparison Service

As they keep buying out more industry specialists, the American FinTech Credit Karma, which initially focused on tracking customers’ credit scores, significantly expanded their range of services. In line with this diversification strategy, they offic...

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