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  • Payment
  • Players’ Strategy
  • 28.03.2019

Apple Bets of Services

FACTS At their latest keynote, Tim Cook introduced several projects by Apple and insisted on their intent to further focus on services: a strategic shift which also entails changes to their business model.
  • Innovation
  • Players’ Strategy
  • 21.05.2019

REX: Holvi’s EUwide Ambitions

FACTS Holvi –Finland-based start-up behind a current account for micro-entrepreneurs– relies on their shareholder’s support, BBVA, to further reach out for Europe expansion.
  • Credit
  • Innovation
  • 30.08.2018

Tez Becomes Google Pay, Adds Credit Offers

A year ago, Google introduced a mobile payment app called Tez for the Indian market. They now try to increase its adoption rates in India and in Asia more globally. The service has been rebranded to Google Pay. Partnerships with four Indian banks wil...

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